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New house aluminum doors and windows acceptance

    Acceptance of aluminum doors and windows

    The installation of doors and windows is an indispensable part of the new house decoration process. Different construction methods may produce different decoration effects, which not only affects the overall decoration effect, but also relates to the safety experience of our daily lives.

    1. Newly bought doors and windows

    Need to check the condition of the product. First, check whether the number and configuration of the doors and windows purchased are the same, whether they are damaged, whether there are scratches, etc.;

    Secondly, check the "identity information" on the glass to see if it is the 3C quality certified glass promised by the manufacturer.

    2. New window tear film

    You need to tear off the outdoor protective film before installing the new window, and the indoor film can be torn off after the installation is completed or before moving to a new house.

    This can prevent long-term sun and rain from causing the film to stick and affect the appearance.

    3. Remove old windows and clean up installation holes

    The old doors and windows that need to be replaced at home will be removed before the new doors and windows are installed;

    When cleaning the hole, the flatter the installation hole, the better, which will make the filling and sealing more convenient and reduce the hidden danger of water leakage.

    4. Tightness

    The door and window sash frame, the gap between the door and window and the wall are related to the aesthetics of the home decoration and the overall airtightness of the doors and windows.

    The installed aluminum alloy doors and windows should be closed tightly and have a meticulous and uniform gap.

    The filling material for the gap between the door and window frame and the wall should be elastic and the gap should be filled fully without obvious cracks.

    5. The function of doors and windows

    First, check whether there is an obvious gap between the fan and the frame, between the fan and the fan when the doors and windows are closed, and the sealing strip is not loose or exposed;

    Check whether the door and window frames and sashes are vertical.

    In addition to checking the details and functions of doors and windows, the appearance of doors and windows is also essential.

    Doors and windows are the facades of homes, and the appearance of doors and windows directly affects our perception;

    Therefore, when accepting doors and windows, we must carefully inspect the appearance and color of doors and windows to ensure that there are no traces of rust, scratches, collisions, etc.