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How to install aluminum casement windows?

    How to install aluminum casement windows?

    Aluminum casement windows have the advantages of high sealing and good ventilation effect on the opening area, so they are widely used in home decoration. Do you know what installation methods are there for aluminum casement windows? What are the advantages of aluminum casement windows? Below? Just get to know it with me.

    1. Installation method of aluminum casement windows

    When installing a casement window, first determine the position. The position of the window frame must be determined through regular calculations. Usually, the coordinate reference line and the 500mm horizontal line of the bottom surface are used to determine the position of the window frame, and then the azimuth line of the ink line is used to pop up.

    (1) Temporarily fix the window frame of the casement window first, and then temporarily fix it with a mold after it is placed in the correct position. The azimuth should be adjusted and calibrated by the level and the wire drop, and then fixed on the embedded brick with a nail after it is correct. Find a stable place when the window frame is stuck, otherwise it will bring safety hazards to the follow-up. The cap of the nail must be completely nailed into the window frame.

    (2) The surrounding area of ​​the window frame should be filled with foaming, uniform and full, no missing or leaving defects, and the sliding part is usually fixed with fixed iron sheets and nails.

    (3) It is the hinge that connects the window frame and the window sash, and the hinge installation is also very important. First, mark the position where the window sash and the window frame are connected to the hinge, and the measurement must be accurate. Then remove the hinge slot at the marked position, and finally install the upper hinge. The position of the hinge slot should be accurate, just enough to be installed, too small affects the installation and use, and too large affects the appearance.

    (4) Fix the hinge of the casement window with wood screws in the hinge groove of the fan, and then fix the window sash on the frame. After the hinge is installed, test whether the lower hinge can open and close normally. When the hinge is closed, the front of the fan should not be in contact with the cut surface of the frame. In addition, the doors and windows cannot be opened by themselves without external force.

    2. Advantages of aluminum alloy casement windows

    (1) Aluminum casement windows have many advantages, such as sealing, sound insulation, heat insulation, windproof, waterproof and so on. Moreover, the aluminum alloy casement window has a large opening area, so the ventilation is better. The top-hung aluminum alloy casement windows can effectively block rainwater from entering the house, and have the effect of preventing theft. Now many middle and high-end users like doors and windows.

    (2) The aluminum casement windows have various styles, beautiful shapes and great flexibility in compartments. It is used to open the large partition floor-to-ceiling windows with a small area occupied by the opening fan, which can achieve the effects of air circulation, good permeability, and smooth lines.

    (3) When closed, the multi-lock point design combined sealing strip of the aluminum alloy casement window is compressed to produce elastic deformation, thereby forming a complete sealing system, and the sealing, heat preservation and sound insulation effects of the window are guaranteed.

    (4) Aluminum casement windows use hinges and sliding braces to connect the sash and frame, and the handles are arranged on the inside to cooperate with the linkage hardware for locking and sealing. When closed, the sash is fixed on the window frame, so the casement window has A certain degree of security and anti-theft.

    Summary: The above is an introduction to the installation methods of aluminum casement windows and the advantages of aluminum casement windows. Finally, I hope this article can help you.