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What is the standard size of aluminum casement windows?

    What is the standard size of aluminum casement windows?

    Nowadays, more and more owners are choosing aluminum casement windows. Aluminum casement windows can not only save space better, but also have a longer service life. What is the standard size of aluminum casement windows? Installation What are the precautions for aluminum casement windows? Let’s take a look at Superhouse Aluminum windows and doors.

    1. The best size of aluminum alloy casement windows

    (1) If the casement window is designed to open outwards, the size of the sash is generally 750mm*1600mm, and the size of the window frame is 2400mm*2400mm; the size of the casement window that is designed to open inward is 1000mm*1600, and the frame The size is 2100mm*2100mm.

    (2) General window size regulations. In residential buildings, the height of the window is 1.5m, plus the height of the window sill is 0.9m, and the window top is 2.4m away from the floor, leaving a structural height of 0.4m. In public buildings, the general window size and the height of the window sill range from 1.0 to 1.8m, and the height of the bottom surface of the window sash that opens to the public walkway should not be less than 2.0m. As for the height of the window, it is determined according to the requirements of lighting, ventilation, space image, etc., but we must pay attention to the rigidity of excessively high windows, and add beams or "pins" if necessary. In addition, when the size of the general window and the height of the window sill are less than 0.8m, protective measures should be taken.

    (3) Casement windows are usually made of aluminum alloy. There are different types of aluminum alloy materials, such as 50 series, 55 series, 60 series, 70 series, etc. The most common use on the market is 60 series casement windows. According to different window opening designs, the specifications of casement windows are also different.

    2. Precautions for the installation of aluminum alloy casement windows

    (1) When installing aluminum alloy casement windows, it is best to use stainless steel as the metal parts for installation, otherwise it must be treated with anticorrosion. Anti-corrosion paint or plastic film can be applied to protect it to prevent cement mortar from directly contacting the surface of aluminum alloy doors and windows. , Produce electrochemical reaction, corrode aluminum doors and windows.

    (2) Temporary fixation should be made when installing the casement window frame. After setting it in the correct position, use a mold for temporary fixation. This position must be adjusted and calibrated by the level and the wire drop, and then fixed on the embedded brick with nails after confirming that it is correct. Find a stable position when fixing the window frame, otherwise it will bring safety hazards to subsequent use. The nail cap of the nail must be completely nailed into the window frame, which is not only for aesthetics, but also for safety and convenience in future use.

    (3) The actual key to doors and windows lies in the sealing. The quality of the sealing and the sealing strip play a pivotal role. Therefore, the quality of the sealing strip must be ensured before installation to prevent it from being shoddy. Secondly, the concealed project should be accepted first. Seal it afterwards to avoid repeated construction of the project and affect the quality of the profile and the progress of the project.

    (4) The hinge is the hinge that connects the window frame and the window sash, and the installation of the hinge is also an important part. First, mark the part where the window sash and the window frame need to be connected to the hinge, and make sure that the data is accurate when measuring. Then remove the hinge slot at the marked position, and finally install the hinge. The position of the hinge slot must be precise, just enough to install the hinge, too much affects the appearance, too small affects the installation and use.

    Summary: The above is the full content of what is the standard size of aluminum casement windows and what are the precautions when installing aluminum casement windows. I hope this article can help everyone.