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How to decorate the living room doors and windows

    How to decorate the living room doors and windows

    Doors and windows are an important part of home improvement. If many details are not done during the window installation process, it is likely to cause later rework and repair. Now let's talk about how to decorate the doors and windows of the living room.

    How to decorate the living room doors and windows?

    It is best to replace the doors and windows before removing the windows

    Because the window removal process will damage the indoor and outdoor walls, it is best to replace the doors and windows before stopping the next step of renovation. The perfect organic combination of system doors and windows requires consideration of a series of important functions such as water tightness, air tightness, wind pressure resistance, mechanical strength, heat insulation, sound insulation, anti-theft, sun shading, weather resistance, and operating feel. Taking into account the comprehensive results of the performance of equipment, profiles, accessories, glass, viscose, and seals, all of them are indispensable, and finally high-performance system doors and windows are formed.

    Choose doors and windows with good product precision and strength

    It is recommended to go to the building materials market in the right way, especially some excellent system doors and windows, the thickness of the steel is not up to the standard, even the glass and the door frame have gaps, and other hardware accessories are also very poor.

    Why do doors and windows turn yellow

    The appearance design of some engineering plastic doors and windows is too white or gray, indicating that the main components of the fluctuations in the material are not analyzed enough, and they are prone to aging and yellowing over time.

    Whether the hardware is sensitive and smooth, the lower part of the sliding window frame should have an aluminum slide rail for easy replacement, and the sealing strip of the window sash should be fixed at both ends, which is the key to the sealing performance of the sliding window.

    Door and window device

    There should be deceptive glue between the window frame and the wall to stop filling, and the inside and outside of the window frame must be sealed with silicone copper or sealant to avoid leakage. Please remember that after installation, the user should remove the maintenance film so that the use range of doors and windows can be extended.

    What are the installation steps for doors and windows?

    Before the installation of the trial door leaf is officially started, the size of the calculation error of the door leaf should be checked, whether there is warpage or deformation. The comparison study method of trial installation of the door leaf into the door bolt can be adopted, or the more precise control and measurement of the door leaf and the door bolt can be adopted. The method of analyzing and comparing the dimension data in all directions should be aware of the large errors in the size of the door leaf and the door bolt. According to the relative error changes of the door leaf size, plan the side of the door leaf and trim the seam of the door leaf.