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How to improve the safety of doors and windows?

    In modern home design, safety is always the first priority. No matter how tall a building is, safety is always the top priority, and the same is true for doors and windows. Doors and windows can protect family members from wind and rain, but if they are not properly selected, they can also cause accidents or cause a lot of trouble. So, how to improve the safety of doors and windows?
    1. Choose double-layer hollow tempered glass

    Many consumers are eager to be cheap and choose ordinary single-layer glass, which has low wind pressure resistance and is easy to break when encountering typhoons. Special attention should be paid to those with children at home.

    And if double-layer hollow tempered glass is used, because tempered glass is made by a special process, it is not easy to explode. In case of an accident, the glass will also be broken in small pieces, which is not easy to hurt people. And there is another feature of double-layer insulating glass, that is, sound insulation and heat insulation. Noise and heat will gradually dissipate between the two layers of insulating glass and will not be transmitted to the room.

    2. Choose multiple lock points

    The lock point design of ordinary doors and windows is very simple. It can be opened with a little tool and easy to disassemble. However, the current system doors and windows adopt a multi-lock point anti-theft design. The multiple lock points and the lock box are tightly closed for safety and tightness. It is not an easy task to unlock multiple lock points at the same time.

    3. Use protective fence + anti-dropping chain

    Residents who install ordinary aluminum alloy doors and windows will add an extra layer of protective fence outside, which is very unsightly and seriously affects the line of sight. And if the home improvement fence and anti-falling chain are opened on the doors and windows of the system, it can effectively prevent children from climbing and causing accidents. The function of the anti-falling chain is that in case the opening fan is loosened by strong wind, the anti-falling chain can implicate the window in time. Frame to prevent falling and reduce the risk for passers-by.

    Doors and windows are an important part of a home. Choosing a good door and window can improve the quality of life. Did you choose the right one?