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aluminum clad vinyl windows

  • Aluminum Clad Vinyl Windows, Neuffer

    Vinyl, probably the most widely used material in new windows and doors today, boasts excellent insulation abilities and functionality. Together, aluminum clad vinyl windows provide a premium, modern look for your facade, with great energy efficiency, virtually no maintenance and all at a low cost.

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  • Aluminum Clad Vinyl Windows ,Hybrid Windows

    Why Aluminum-clad Vinyl Windows ? Design Series aluminum-clad vinyl windows are a great way to add curb appeal to your home. Aluminum-clad vinyl windows utilize all the energy efficiency and low maintenance features of a vinyl window, and then applies bold colourful aluminum cladding to the exterior.

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  • Aluminum Clad Windows vs Vinyl Clad Windows,

    Aluminum is generally more expensive to use as a construction material than plastic or vinyl. Thus, aluminum clad windows are more costly than vinyl clad windows. Aluminum clad windows also tend to cost more than vinyl clad windows because they often require extra sealants to improve their thermal efficiency and reduce the likelihood of

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  • Vinyl vs Aluminum Windows ,Pros, Cons, Comparisons and Costs

    5/1/2018 · Vinyl windows help regulate the internal temperature of the home, which allows the HVAC system to work less, thus rendering the vinyl windows energy-efficient. Aluminum windows are not as energy-efficient. This is because they are actually heat conductors and heat a room up.

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  • Aluminum Clad Windows, Vinyl Clad Windows, Wood Clad Windows

    Clad Windows good looks and impact-resistant features to your home. We offer Aluminum Clad, Vinyl Clad, Wood Clad windows repair and replacement services. Call now ☎ (336) 265-9595.

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  • Aluminum vs Vinyl Windows ,Difference and Comparison, Diffen

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  • Clad vs Vinyl ,Sun Windows Inc

    Vinyl Windows will typically have higher air leakage ratings than Extruded Aluminum Clad Windows. Just a simple comparison of our SunClad Easy-Tilt Double Hung at .05 to our Sun Vinyl DH57 Double Hung at .15 reveals that our SunClad Double Hung is 3 times better than our Vinyl Double Hung in Air Leakage performance.

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  • Aluminum Clad Windows: Pros and Cons, Door and Window

    24/7/2010 · The Pros of Aluminum Clad Windows. Not only is aluminum very durable, it also extremely strong. In fact, aluminum is many times stronger than wood, and at least three times stronger than traditional vinyl. That strength means that aluminum clad windows can stand up to Mother Nature harshest conditions.

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