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  • superhouse craftsman window reviews

superhouse craftsman window reviews

  • American Craftsman Windows Reviews –

    I put American Craftsman windows in my house, and they are TRASH. I work out of my house, my desk is next to the window, I love to have the window open when its nice weather. I have had to replace this window twice and put new balance in 20 times.

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  • American Craftsman Windows Reviews, Replacement Windows Reviews

    American Craftsman Windows Complaints. American Craftsman windows are total garbage, and I wouldn&39;t trust anyone who says different. They use the cheapest materials that they can and engineer for minimum standards. The only reason to use this junk is for a rental property or if you&39;re flipping a house.

    American Craftsman Windows Reviews Read 12 American Craftsman windows reviews to discover how consumers and contractors view their window series compared to other manufacturers.Have

    Editor American Craftsman Windows Reviews American Craftsman is owned by superhouse Windows and sells windows main through through big box stores, as well as some local dealers. They sell two

    American Craftsman 50 Windows Reviews The American Craftsman 50 Series comes in either a white or a beige interior and exterior. Consumers can choose from these same color options for t

    American Craftsman 70 Windows Reviews The American Craftsman 70 window is the upgraded model from the 50 Series, although in truth there isn&39;t all that much difference between these two

    American Craftsman 5900 Windows Reviews A carpenter installed American Craftsman 5900 Hopper basement windows in 2007. The inside pane broke and I need to replace it. Please give me speci

    American Craftsman 8500 Windows Reviews I&39;m not a fan of either the American Craftsman 8500 or most Jeld-Wen vinyl windows . If you are going to buy from the big box stores, I&39;d recommend

    General American Craftsman Windows Reviews We have 10 windows that need to be replaced and I&39;m considering two options -,(PGT and American Craftsman. It needs to be an impact window. Frank

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  • SuperHouse ,Focus On Windows Doors

    We unloaded it and were very pleased with the job your whole team made. They look very good quality and you should be all very proud. Just letting you know that windows are being installed and the builder thinks that they are the best quality that he has seen. Thanks heaps.

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  • [Resolved] American Craftsman Windows At superhouse Review:

    American craftsman windows from home depot are just plain junk. I have 16 windows that whistle when the wind blows, have brown mold growing in between the 9500 series triple pane window (That are suppose to be the best) , and have drafts of cold air seeping into my house from the sides of the windows. Need i say more.

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  • Are American Craftsman windows good? ,

    They are decent if you&39;re looking for a bargain window. They have a good warranty and their customer service is even better. As long as you go with the 8500 series or above, they are a good low-price window.

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  • Best Replacement Window Buying Guide ,Consumer Reports

    19/3/2021 · Awning-Style Windows They&39;re hinged at the top and open outward. Like casements, the sash presses against the frame, so they close very tightly. Casement-Style Windows

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  • Consumer Reports puts replacement windows to the test ,6abc

    They recommend the $300 superhouse double-hung window. It better at keeping out drafts than windows costing twice as much.

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  • superhouse Windows Reviews, Updated 2020 2021 Reviews Prices

    The windows low-maintenance vinyl exterior is great for protecting against common wear and tear and water damage. Window Options: The superhouse 400 Series windows come in 7 exterior color options and 4 interior color options. Glass options include Low-E4 glass and Low E4 glass with HeatLock technology.

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  • A&L Windows,

    We had a window in our 25yr old house we had just purchased (prev rental) with a broken lock ,we did not think we would be able to do anything about a match, but DEMI was a miracle worker ,after some serious effort and tenacity she was able to source a matching lock and keys. All the staff were great, especially DEMI.

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