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steel casement window restoration

  • The Repair and Thermal Upgrading of Historic Steel Windows

    Historic and Architectural Considerations

    An assessment of the significance of the windows should begin with a consideration of their function in relation to the building historic use and its historic character. Windows that help define the building historic character should be preserved even if the building is being converted to a new use. For example, projecting steel windows used to introduce light and an effect of spaciousness to a warehouse or industrial plant can be retained in the conversion of such a building to offices o

    Physical Evaluation

    Steel window repair should begin with a careful evaluation of the physical condition of each unit. Either drawings or photographs, liberally annotated, may be used to record the location of each window, the type of operability, the condition of all three parts—sash, frame and subframe—and the repairs essential to its continued use. Specifically, the evaluation should include: presence and degree of corrosion; condition of paint; deterioration of the metal sections, including bowing, misalignm

    Rehabilitation Work Plan

    Following inspection and analysis, a plan for the rehabilitation can be formulated. The actions necessary to return windows to an efficient and effective working condition will fall into one or more of the following categories: routine maintenance, repair, and weatherization. The routine maintenance and weatherization measures described here are generally within the range of do-it-yourselfers. Other repairs, both moderate and major, require a professional contractor. Major repairs normally re

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    Repair in Place

    The maintenance procedures described above will be insufficient when corrosion is extensive, or when metal window sections are misaligned. Medium to heavy corrosion that has not done any structural damage to the metal sections can be removed either by using the chemical cleaning process described under "Routine Maintenance" or by sandblasting. Since sandblasting can damage the masonry surrounds and crack or cloud the glass, metal or plywood shields should be used to protect these materials. T

    Repair in Workshop

    Damage to windows may be so severe that the window sash and sometimes the frame must be removed for cleaning and extensive rust removal, straightening of bent sections, welding or splicing in of new sections, and reglazing. These major and expensive repairs are reserved for highly significant windows that cannot be replaced; the procedures involved should be carried out only by skilled workmen. As part of the orderly removal of windows, each window should be numbered and the parts labeled. Th

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  • Historic Metal Casement Windows, Repair Restoration Guide

    Some steel casement windows will have small holes along their base (weep holes) to allow sitting water to drain away. Check these regularly for blockages and keep them clear of any obstructions; Light rust can be removed by hand with a wire brush or sandpaper, however, more severely corroded metal windows may need to be cleaned professionally.

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  • How To Restore Steel Windows, superhouse

    Scott I gave in to my wife and in the process of replacing our old steel casement windows with new clad double hung units. I have removed all the screws,scraped out caulk at masonry and seem loose from the inside, but cannot get the frames out – I was hoping to not cut them in half and actually trying to leave all the glass in place with hopes of passing them on to someone’s restoration

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  • Steel Casement Window Restoration ,Metal Man Restoration -

    Steel Casement Window Restoration Metal Man Restoration can manage small to very large steel casement window restoration projects. Our staff has a combined experience of over 100 years in the steel casement restoration industry. Steel windows are some of the most durable windows in old historic buildings.

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  • Window Restoration Repair ,Steel casement window repair

    Steel casement window tune-ups may require: Grinding and sanding steel casement frames where the metal is touching metal (this will relieve tightness from the excess paint) to refit square windows into out-of-square opening to help reduce noise cut down air drafts.

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  • Restoring Steel Frame Windows » Steel Frame Windows

    Australian owned and operated, specialising in bespoke design and fabrication of steel frame windows and doors. Our extensive product range includes steel fixed windows, steel awnings, casement steel windows, steel hopper windows, steel single doors, steel double doors, steel sliding and stacking doors, steel bi-fold doors and pivot doors.

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  • superhouse Steel Window

    superhouse Steel Window repairs and restores thousands of steel windows and French doors each year. superhouse large collection of vintage steel casement windows and doors have been used to beautify homes and buildings across the country. We are a premiere resource for homeowners, designers and ar

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  • Hawkscroft

    We also design, supply and fix steel and bronze screens to client specification and design. We specialise in the conservation and restoration of metal casement and timber windows to Listed and Historic Buildings including both commercial and domestic contracts.

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  • Steel Window Repair, New York, Steel Windows

    H.P. Steel Window Restoration Repair, Inc. is a family-owned and operated, Lead-Safe Certified Firm, established on 2015. The owner and founder, Omar Hernandez, branched out on his own after repairing and restoring thousands of steel windows and doors, over the course of 15 years as an employee of superhouse Steel Window Corp.

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