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  • can you use a bifold door for a bathroom?

can you use a bifold door for a bathroom?

  • Bifold door for bathroom? ,Fine Homebuilding

    I have been thinking about replacing the bathroom door with a bifold door. There are times I use the bathroom with the door open – when drying my hair for example. The open door makes the small space even smaller. A pocket door won’t work. Is a bifold door a really bad idea? Thanks for your thoughts. Michaelene

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  • Thoughts on a bifold door for the bathroom door?

    yes!! you can have a bifold door as a bathroomdoor,in a previous house we had 5 louvre-bifolddoors,one of them was a door to a bathroom!!

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  • Bathroom Doors – Frustration and Solution (Turn Bi-Fold Doors

    6/3/2015 · You can special order a set of double doors in any size you want–you don’t have to limit yourself to using a set of bi-fold doors. I did this with my pantry door. It was a standard-hinged 3′ wide door that was always in the way.

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  • can i use a bi fold door as a main door entrance to bathroom?,

    6/9/2012 · Yes we have had a bi-fold door on our bathroom for many years. to lock it we have a simple hook and eye arrangement ,with a swivelling hook on the door and a round eye screwed into the door frame

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  • 15 Latest Bathroom Door Designs With Pictures In 2020

    Check out this smart bifold bathroom door for small spaces, which can be folded to create space for one person at a time. You can also open it completely to make better access to the room. The combination of wood and glass is one of the smartest small bathroom door ideas. Door Type: Bifold door for Small bathroom.

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  • We want to replace our bathroom door with a bi-fold door for

    We want to replace our bathroom door with a bi-fold door for space reason. is it possible to install a lock on these types of doors or not? if yes, what kind of lock? thanks. Answer: N. ENGLAND

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  • How to lock a bi-folding bathroom door?, Screwfix Community

    9/11/2013 · If you&39;re just looking for something to use from the outside to keep it shut then yes you may as we&39;ll just put a sash fastner on, I&39;d use the claw lock as the standard lock on a bathroom sliding / bifold door but for your needs then the sash fastner will be easier and cheaper to fit overall.

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  • Replace bedroom door with bi-fold?, Mumsnet

    We had a similar problem in our bathroom, it tiny and the door took up half the room. We installed a bi fold door and it works really well. Be careful of little fingers though. DS didn&39;t really grasp it at first and caught his in the middle.

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  • 6 Unconventional Alternatives to the Bathroom Door ,Home

    You can install a door that looks like a bookshelf in order to hide your bathroom. This can make your private primary bathroom into a fun little secret room. This idea wouldn’t be so welcome as the main door for the bathroom that everyone in the home uses. It is a better fit for bathrooms that are connected to primary bedrooms.

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  • 17+ Intriguing Bathroom Door Ideas (Eye-catching Designs)

    Yes, this is what you can get from rustic mirror door that separate your bathroom and bedroom. Not only does it divide between rooms, the huge mirror also helps check your whole appearance. These bathroom door ideas just makes everything easier. Only with a slight touch, you can open the door without too much effort.

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