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Disinfection Channel

  • Disinfection Channel
  • Disinfection Channel
  • Disinfection Channel
  • Disinfection Channel

Disinfection Channel Key Features

  • To stay away from coronavirus COVID-19
  • 360 degree whole body fogging disinfection, Non contact temperature measurement, Labor saving and safer without contact
  • Food grade disinfectant (hypochlorous acid solution)
  • Two models are available (Indoor & Outdoor), Face recognition (optional)
  • Suitable for entrances such as schools, hotels, hospitals, factories, airports, office buildings, etc
  • Configuration
  • key features
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  • Sizes
  • The intelligent anti-epidemic machine is suitable for public health prevention and monitoring. It uses disinfectant spray to sterilize human body, pet, cargo and luggage. Meanwhile, it performs the non-contact detection which can intuitively and accurately determine the abnormalbody temperature.This type is suitable for indoor scenarios such as airports, subways, and office buildings.
No Item Model Brand Size QTY
1 Temperature measurement moduld TPIL16T Apresys 8.6*8.6 1
2 Hand sterilization module(spray) K-3008-B CREADE 12.4*10.8*15.9 1
3 display screen LED-485-1 Mxin 16.35*8.45 1
4 Indicator light 5002TJ LASEEM 5*5.8 1
5 Centrifugal Air Curtail Machine FM-3509-L NANYOO 90*22*21.2 1
6 Ultrasonic nebulizer PH-90 LOCE 22.5*22.5*59 1
7 Electric control box(include controls and software) Customized Customized 30*40*20 1

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