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Bi-fold Doors

  • Bi-fold Doors
  • Bi-fold Doors
  • Bi-fold Doors
  • Bi-fold Doors

Bi-fold Doors Key Features

  • Free folding style according to sash numbers.
  • Maximize your view and free space for main lobby.
  • Enlarge the pass through capacity of your room and welcome more guests.
  • Excellent performance in heat and acoustic insulation.
  • Venetian blinds could be built-in.
  • 10 years guarantee.
  • Glazing Options
  • Performance
  • Colors
  • Sizes
  • Certificates
  • Surface Finish: Low-e/ Reflective/Frosted/ Tinted/ Clear tempered glazing
Thickness Options Single 6mm; 10mm; 12mm single tempered glazing
Double Glass 5+12A+5mm; 5+27A+5mm; 6+12A+6mm double glass
Triple glass 5+6A+5+6A+5mm triple glass
Laminated Glass 5+0.76pvb+5mm;6+2.28pvb+6mm Laminated Glass

Tested by International Laboratories

Our quality system covers all details a great product needs and is fully integrated with our overall business management systems. With these principles we acquire several certifications:

  • We anticipate customers' needs and expectations.
  • We safeguard our customers by regulatory compliance.
  • We provide marketing, technical and support information that is readily accessible and easy to understand.

Bi-fold Doors certificates

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